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Menopause weight gain got you feeling down?

Nothing you try ever works?

Sick of doing extra exercise and not eating anything yummy?

We understand.
Going through hormonal changes is hard enough, let alone adding untriggered weight gain to the mix.

And we bet you have been told by your doctors that .... 
There's nothing you can do?
Just eat less and do more exercise?
Are we right?


316041408_657816129169219_3760181055201996533_n (1).jpg

Well - believe it or not, but we DO have the answer.

And it's NOT to eat less and move more.

Women all over the world have tried these programs and are getting RESULTS.

👉Shredding body fat.

👉 Enhancing body images.

👉 Increasing energy levels.

👉 Improving sleep.

All without heavily restricting calories and hours of excessive cardio.


And These Programs Are What's Doing It.


The ONLY programs you need to combat your menopause weight gain.


Because they're not just a food plan, they're not just for 4 or 8 weeks.

They're not even a 'diet'.

These are life-changing, habit building and easily implemented strategies that fit right in with your busy lifestyle and family!

Everything you EVER need to know about the how, why and what of menopause and its effect on the female body.



​Each program includes:

  • healthy, filling and delicious meal plans (with recipes)

  • simple and effective, low impact cardio strategies

  • all the goss about why your body is changing, and how to combat it

  • the tools you need to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF




"My doctor told me to eat 1200 calories and start running to lose my menopause weight.

I was already starving myself and I remember crying for days.

Then a friend showed me Innerfit for Women and I have fallen in love.  Amelia's program - all of them, work wonders. 

But the Menobelly program is EXACTLY what I needed.  Information and an exact plan of attack.   I lost 7KGS during the first 4 weeks and I feel fantastic!  Thankyou, Innerfit team!"

Meredith Ryan (4) (1).jpg

This is Meredith.
She started on our Minus the Menobelly 4 week program and then took what she learned and continued it on our Winter 8 week shred.
She used the tools.
She learned the info.
She made it work for her.
And you can too.

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