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I Don't Like Exercise. Can I Still Join?

Yes! You don't need to do rigorous amounts of exercise to be happy and healthy.  Our Fitness Mentors will work with you to ensure you are getting what you need and living a life you love.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Upon sign-up, we send you a questionnaire to give us all of the information that we need to help you make the changes you want to see.  

If you are looking to lose weight and/or tone up we will also ask you to spend a few days really taking note of your food intake and exercise regimen, as well as some other habits.

Why Are There Limited Places?

Every single person who enrols in our InnerFit program gets a Personalised Program and works 1:1 with their Fitness Mentor. 
In order to give our clients the best service possible, we limit the number of clients we have at any one time.

How Fast Will I Lose Weight?

This answer requires a personal response and is extremely different from one person to the next.  It also depends on whether you commit to the program that your Fitness Mentor sets out for you.

How can I start working with you?

Simply click the PayPal button on the service that you want, follow the payment process and we will get started straight away!

I am a picky eater. Does this matter?

Absolutely not!  Your Fitness Mentor creates a program for YOU.  We will only include foods that you like and NOTHING that you don't!  Life's too short to eat yucky food!

Why Do You Charge Less Than Others

Purely and Simply.... We believe things should be affordable.

Can You Help Me Put On Weight?

Yes we can, and we can help you do so in a way that is healthy.  This can include muscle growth as well as fueling your body with good food.

Is It OK That I Don't Eat Carbs?

Everything is tailored to your specific preferences.  You can eat what you want!  If carbs make you feel yuck - then we can work around it!

How Hungry Will I Be?

That is a great question!  For the most-part - hopefully not too hungry! Your Fitness Mentor will work to create a food plan that keeps you full while still moving towards your goals!

Do You Tell Me What to Eat?

That is up to you.   The InnerFit program allows you to have comprehensive food and exercise plans written out for you each week.
But if your goal is more about building good habits rather than a scheduled food plan, then that is what we will focus on.

I Have over 40KG To Lose.  Is This Right For Me?

Yes! We would absolutely love to help you achieve this - if it is your personal goal.  With a comprehensive analysis of what you want, like and wish for, we can work with you to lose the weight.
Just remember, though, slow and steady wins the race!

I've tried programs before and I can't lose weight.  Why is InnerFit different?

Did you have your very own Fitness Mentor when you were on the other programs?   Messaging you daily, giving you advice and answering every one of your questions, no matter how silly they seem to you?
Did you have someone holding you accountable and making sure everything was going to work in your favour?
That's what InnerFit is all about.  Personalised.  Simple.  Accountable.

Why is It Only 8 Weeks?

It's 8 Plus 1!!
The reason we keep it to 8 weeks is that our body starts to fatigue after 8 weeks of cutting calories (if that's your goal).  It starts to plateau and your mind/body become adjusted to the 'new normal'.  
8 weeks is enough time to make a positive change and build good, lasting habits.
We then work with you to eat at a 'maintenance level' of food, where you won't put the weight back on and your body will be more relaxed.
You can do another 8 week program after a maintenance level if you have more body fat to lose!

I don't want to lose weight. I want to build muscle. Can you help?

Absolutely yes!   We will guide you through some pretty amazing recipes and fun workouts to build yourself some muscle and start looking more defined!

What Makes InnerFitGO! So Different?

Our InnerfitGo! Program is 100% Personalised and Tailored to YOU!
Many fitness coaching programs offer you generic exercise programs and meal plans that almost anyone could use.
But we believe that your plans should include the things you love doing and eating, and there should be no need for you to make swaps/substitutions for thing you don't like.
We also stay in CONSTANT CONTACT with you to ensure you stay on track!

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