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Check out what our clients say about how InnerFit has changed their health, increased their fitness and opened their eyes to a new weight management process.

I was so happy with my results from the 8 Week Challenge!  I pushed myself harder than I ever have, I learned new recipes and it was super easy to fit in with the family!  Plus - I completed the Step Challenge at the same time, burned the fat and feel so much healthier!!  Win Win!

This time last year I was on the verge of a diabetes diagnosis. Just had my check up with my GP, and ALL my concerning levels, including cholesterol and sugar levels have decreased significantly! While I have not been overly active in the last 3 months (thanks covid), the toolkit from the challenges and the support from this group has helped me so much!

I can't recommend Amelia and her program highly enough. I know her personally, she was a teacher at my kids' school, so I know she's legit.  My good friend came 4th in the winter challenge, and we did June & July together. She's done 3 programs this year and has lost over 20 kgs.  The food is bloody brilliant and the support in the Facebook page is my go-to for motivation and ideas about swapping out foods I'm not keen on.  I can't speak highly enough of this. I tried Lite n Easy and Noom, and gave up on both. Innerfit with Amelia is just the bomb!


I have had the best morning trying on all my clothes in my 'skinny box' and they all fit! Yay, so so happy. Amelia you have taught me so much and now I understand about calories in, calories out & plan my day well. I feel so confident and I can't get the smile off my face today. I can't wait for the summer program so I can start toning up (& saying goodbye to long covid muscle pain forever).

I loved that I didn't have to think about what to eat each day! I love food, but not the thought process behind it all each day. I had a winning moment this arvo after all the prep when my very choosy eating son asked for more of the toasted "banana bread!"

Small win for me this afternoon! Took a serious dose of the shakes as I needed to eat something but covid has sapped my energy. Old Me would have grabbed a packet of crisps and make a cuppa. I stopped and had a think, made cucumber, celery, corn crisps and hummus with a big glass of water! Just what I needed. My taste buds are currently on a mini holiday and the texture of the cucumber made me think of tomatoes I can’t wait to get back into meal prepping!

Today was a Treasure...and I can't say anything else particularly contributed than the Innerfit program The only thing that's changed most recently is my food intake (actually putting myself first and eating regular meals) I suffer from several chronic pain conditions, which often limits my ability to enjoy days out, as I know I will be filled with remorse as everything comes crashing down.

Today, I am 50% over my step goal AND we rode 3km into town to get a coffee. The longest I have ridden in forever, especially up hill on the way there and the added weight of a 4yo on the back of my bike . Weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to do that and still be standing to make dinner. It may be a one off, it may be a delayed pain response and hit me tomorrow, but even a delayed response is WAY better than what I was experiencing before.  Almost half way through the challenge, that's a MAJOR WIN for me.

Thank you Amelia xx


Client Testimonials

I get to eat a Paddle Pop ice cream every night (If I want to!).  How many coaches let you do that!
I'm 4kgs down in 3 weeks, am eating yummy foods and feeling good.
Best of all - I don't HAVE to exercise if I don't want to!  I am still losing weight!

Abbi, Woodville

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