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A Picture Tells a Thousand words...
This is what happens on an Innerfit 8 Week Program...

So I really need to say this: I just love the way you go about addressing us all. Always looking to support those of us who might not quite be ready to tackle full on nutrition and exercise. Its not all or nothing with you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! Thank you!

Q: What is one difference (aside from your bangin’ bod) you’ve noticed about yourself before and after the Innerfit 8 Week Challenge?

I am more aware of what I am eating and how much and I know when I can have a bit more or when I have to tighten my approach. So far I have maintained where I got to so I am happy with that. Oh one thing I forgot to mention was that when I started on the menobelly program I really saw improved results with my sleep which in turn made it easier to get up for training each day it was on. I am still learning to like and put in enough rest days as I love training and want to do it all the time. However, I can’t and I need to have rest if I am going to build strength and muscle definition. I also know that if I am tired and don’t want to get up early then that is ok as I recognise that I need the rest and more importantly sleep so that I can function effectively as a mother, then teacher and finally at training. 


Thanks to my friend for sending me the invite to join Innerfit and I am very glad I did. It came at the right time for me when I was ready to accept the help and be totally prepared to make changes for me. I needed it, I wanted it and I grabbed it with hands and held on tightly. So for those of you out there still wondering if you can do it just take the plunge and know that there will be many hands helping you up when you stumble, shaking your hand when you do good and in turn you will do the same

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