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When it comes to making long-lasting improvements to your health, you need more than a
one size fits all

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"My time with Amelia was a game-changer.  It made all the difference to know I had her on hand to ask for help, to talk me down when I got cravings and to celebrate my wins with.  I now have the confidence to manage my weight and continue to my goals on my own.  Highly recommend you do this program at least once!" Sarah

In the Innerfit™ GO! program, you will...
  • have an understanding of your nutritional needs

  • know your correct portion sizes

  • eat your favourite meals to reach your goals

  • understand what movement your body needs

  • implement your own movement program

  • build better sleep habits

  • understand your body and what it's telling you

  • know your hydration needs

  • have increased energy

  • increase your self confidence

If you have been struggling in 1 or more of these areas, then this program is for you!

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What's the difference between InnerFit™ GO! and hiring a personal trainer to help with fitness and food?

Sometimes it's not all about fitness and food.

It's about mindset, habits and learning how to be healthy long-term, not just for a quick program.

We work with you to develop the COMPLETE PACKAGE (food, exercise, sleep, hydration, habits, self care, positive thoughts and strength - you name it, we do it!) and are there to support you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

But be Warned! 

💪you will get honest with yourself

💪 you will build healthy habits

💪 you will break unhelpful habits

💪 you will redesign your health and wellness strategies

💪 you will build the confidence to take charge of your health

💪 you will develop a strong and determined mindset to achieve the health you desire

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Kylie set herself a goal in January 2022 of losing 20KGS before her birthday in November.

Kylie did the InnerfitGO! Personal Program.

She then took what she learned and participated in Innerfit 8 Week Challenges.

Kylie SMASHED through her goal and lost over 25KGS by her birthday!

She is now on our VIPMe Membership Program to maintain her weight and stay accountable.

Not Ready Yet?

Why not try one of our other personalised products, to make sure you're getting what YOU need?

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"I don't have much support at home; my husband couldn't care less what I do and often tells me it's not worth it.  But having Amelia to chat to whenever I wanted, to help me understand food better, and how to simplify everything for faster results, made me realise I can put myself first and it doesn't need to impact my family. I know I can continue without her, but I don't want to!!" Lynn

To ensure each of our beauties get the full attention they deserve, places are

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