InnerFit GO!
Summer Body Edition

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Why InnerfitGO!?

So You Can Feel Fit From The Inside, Out!

InnerFitGo! is the perfect program for anyone who wants to start feeling fit from the inside, out.  At the end of the day we can all work hard to look fit, but if we don't feel good about ourselves, our thoughts or our achievements then what on earth is the point?

This summer, we don't want you to get disheartened by the fact that you didn't manage to 'lose the weight' you wanted to fit into your skirt, or shorts, or bathers.  We want to work with you to ensure that you have put yourself first so that you can be proud of the body you have built, and flaunt it with confidence all summer long!

We are going to help you make changes as you need them and guide you through building the good habits that are going to sustain your goals for life, not just through the summer.

But you can't wait until the weather warms up to get amazing results - the action needs to start now!

This InnerfitGO! Summer Body Edition is designed to have you eating loads of good food (that fits your family, too), taking time to sculpt and shape the body you want and looking at the Whole You - so that all aspects of your health and wellness are nurtured on your way to a confident, happier you this summer.

Don't wait until Summer is upon you, and try endlessly to cut calories and do exercise you hate in hopes of a quick weight loss win.

Put yourself first, eat good food and get results that are going to last all summer long (and beyond!).

What's the difference between InnerFitGO! and hiring a personal trainer to help with fitness and food?

Sometimes it's not all about fitness and food.

It's about mindset, habits and learning how to be healthy long-term, not just for a quick program.

We work with you to develop the COMPLETE PACKAGE (food, exercise, sleep, hydration, habits, self care, positive thoughts and strength - you name it, we do it!) and are there to support you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Plus - YOU build the program you want - not us!

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Putting Yourself First is not selfish!


The 8 week Summer Body program you've NEVER experienced before, includes:

Delicious Family Friendly Meal Plans

8 weeks of delicious, filling and nutritious foods designed to get your body burning fat and building muscle.  All meals are family friendly and easy to make and prepare.

Strength and Tone Workout Plan

The ultimate workout plan to both build muscle and burn fat in all the right places to show off your dream body this summer.  Designed for at home and in the gym, and multiple ability levels.

The Whole You Online Course

Free Access to our 12 Week habit building course with weekly goals, tasks and strategies for self care, to ensure you have the tools and support to put yourself first! Focus on self-love, nutrition, relationships, body image, stress, hormones and metabolism, food and mood, sleep and SO MUCH MORE! 

(Valued at $99)

Nutrition, Health and Habit Education

Explore new ways of thinking about food for your mental and physical health. You will be provided with personalised research, data and strategies to ensure that your goals are being met - all while nurturing your health from the inside, out.

Done For You Shopping Lists

Decision Fatigue be GONE!

We take the guesswork out of what to buy for the week with your very own shopping lists.  Just take it with you to your local supermarket and you're all set!

Weekly Coaching Sessions

This program is like no other.  Building a Summer Body is more than just doing workouts and watching your calories.  We get down and dirty with you every week for LIVE coaching sessions to give you all the tools you need to get the results you want.  Includes bodybuilding basics, the importance of macronutrients, sleep and hydration manipulation and so much more. in a Q&A setting so that you get all your questions answered.

Family Meal Planner

We know that you have a family to consider as well as yourself, so we will make sure that planning the family meals is made easier with an Innerfit Family Meal Planner.  Never wonder again what's for dinner - have it all organised and take away that decision fatigue that wears you down, day after day.

Step Challenge Entry*

FREE Entry into our August Step Challenge during your program, to ensure you keep your body moving and reaching for your goals.

Personalised Body Sculpting Recipe Pack*

Do you have particular needs when it comes to food?  Maybe you want something tailored more towards menopause?  Or you are vegetarian, vegan, coeliac or lactose intolerant?  Maybe you want something designed for needs in your family?  We can provide you with your very own recipe pack to ensure you meet your goals eating the foods that agree with you.

Workout Tracking Program

Keep up to date with your training, plan your workouts so your family knows when you are not to be disturbed and track your progress weekly to ensure you are gaining results as fast as possible.

FREE Access to the Summer Shred*

Really nail home your hard work and SMASH those goals with free entry to the Innerfit Summer Shred in October.  This will be the 8 Week Program that hammers home your results.

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To ensure each of our beauties get the full attention they deserve, places are

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* items are only available on either the Personalised or the Ultimate Packages, not on the Foundation Package.