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Ready to STOP Menopause Weight Gain In Its Tracks?


Gaining some extra bodyfat around your belly (aka - the MenoBelly!) is normal for many women during Menopause, and even Perimenopause. 



Too many women have been told that menopause weight gain is unavoidable, that they should just live with it. 

Or worse!

That they should eat really low calories and exercise excessively to lose it!


Well, No More!


Our 4 week Minus the Menobelly programs will have you regaining your confidence and waistline so that your 'Menobelly' becomes a thing of the past!


👉Which foods to eat to lose the 'menobelly'
👉A simple and results-driven cardio program
👉The simple habits you MUST build to keep the weight off (and how to build them!)
👉Why you put on weight in menopause and how to stop it


❤ Delicious, filling meal plans specifically designed to combat weight gain

❤ Done For You Shopping Lists to hit the supermarket

❤ Simple 4 week cardio plan to see weight loss and feel more energised

❤ Simple 4 week bodyweight exercise plan to create a toned physique

❤ Education: Understanding Meno Weight Gain and what to do about it

❤ Stacks of tricks to make life easier!


This program is designed to get you eating healthy, losing bodyfat and feeling energised.  This is not based on super low calories, but rather healthy and delicious meals that keep your metabolism firing and your bodyfat dropping. Everything in this program is designed to be manageable for life - sustainable for yourself and your family to reach your goals and maintain them.


If you are looking for a quick fix, super low calorie program that makes you feel miserable and you can not maintain long term, this is NOT for you.





"My doctor told me to eat 1200 calories and do a 60 min walk everyday.  There's no way I can do that!  I was sceptical of this at first, because of what the doctor said I had to do, but this really works!  I'm not hungry, I'm organised and in control and the best part is that I am losing weight around my middle!  3.5KGs in the first 2 weeks, and 5KGs in total.  The doctor was wrong!"  (Jenny)

"Loving these meals through this plan. I didn't think you could beat the 8 week challenge but you did Amelia! Can't wait to start on the new 8 week challenge to see what those menus are like!" (Karen)


"So I was going to write “what kind of voodoo is this?” But hey, it’s just Amelia knowing her shit!   Down 2.2kgs, like seriously??? Finished the week with ‘my time of the month” and NO BLOAT. I’ve also been dealing with a hubby with spicy cough, my own kidney infection AND swimming week with the lil ones! No walking, steps are pitifully lacking, but stuck to the meal plan. Just a little hint on how important the right foods are!" (Sam)


"Can I just say I am loving this program!

I am loving all the lunch, dinner and snack ideas that are healthy and really satisfying but things I would have never chosen before.

I haven’t been perfect. Once a week I’ve had a little bit of a naughty meal BUT my naughty meal has still been selected carefully and is a much healthier option than before this program. And a bonus is I'm also down 3.2 kilos!  Oh and my face is soooo much clearer. I’ve always struggled with “teenager” face and now I almost look like I have an adults face!" (Emma)

Minus The MenoBelly - Summer Edition

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