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Your Very Own , Personalised Food Plan

HANDS UP if you have ever counted calories before?? 

And if so, have you ever got to the end of the day and go to eat something yummy, only to find that you have already eaten all of your allowance for the day?

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The sadness kicks in, we may even start to think What's The Point? and eat it anyway, making ourselves feel guilty.

Well, Guess What!

There is a different way to reach your goals.  

There are so many reasons why I prefer a food plan in a weight loss phase, as opposed to counting calories every day.

We are all busy, and constantly making decisions about what to eat can be a strain on our mental capacity. Add to that the concern of sticking to a caloric balance, and physically tracking everything we eat, to ensure we lose the body fat we want to and it can be a recipe for disaster on our stress levels.

A food plan, during a weight loss phase, can take away the decision fatigue and help us to build healthy habits around food. It removes a stressor than can actually inhibit our ability to lose weight. More stress = less fat loss. A food plan can eliminate the dreaded 'no calories left' feeling at the end of the day when all you want to do is have a cuppa and a bikkie. 

As a general rule, a food plan involves eating similar meals day in, day out, for a week or more. The hardest part about a food plan is creating it in such a way that your timing, nutrients and caloric balances are all going to get you the results that you want. And.... including foods that you really want to eat, not just the foods you think you should eat.

Sound too good to be true?!   It's Not!

Here at 30MinuteMummy we can take all of the hassle out of your weight loss food plan and simply create a food plan you'll love to stick to! 

Tell us your favourite foods, for both yourself and your family, and one of our InnerFit Mentors will build you your very own meal plan using the foods you love.

Great for mummas with families, or those who just cannot stand the idea of counting calories everyday.


It takes approximately 7 days to get it all right for you.

  • The first few days you take a food log, writing down all the foods that you eat on a regular basis so that your Mentor can build you something that you are already comfortable eating!

  • Then, it takes your Mentor a few days (usually less!) to build your Food Plan, based on your likes, dislikes and your health goals.

  • Your Mentor will then chat with you about your plan and you will have a chance to ask for changes to be made if need be!


Are you ready to experience a food plan you can live with, that is going to get you results?


Hit the button and let's get started today!!!

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