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I was tired of trying to decide on dinner every night. 

Then I found this


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It takes away that decision fatigue and I'm feeling super organised!

It’s quick , easy and delicious.

The meals can be modified for the whole family and I don’t have to worry about counting calories either!

Now there's new meals on the table each week, and I'm guaranteed to spend LESS than $250

on groceries to feed the whole family!

Grab It


No food is off limits!

5 Meals A Day

For the Whole Family!

There is usually leftovers, too!


Easy to Follow Recipes...

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It's Calorie Counted, Too!

If being your healthiest self is important to you - 

this program has you covered!

All weekly plans balance out to between

1500 & 1700 calories per day.

Here's What Others Have To Say...

"The best value weightloss plan I've ever seen"

(Amanda, SA)

"I don't even have to THINK about calories anymore.  It's all done for me. While eating ice cream."

(Sarah, Ballarat)

"I love that there are vegetarian meals included!  We are trying a new meal each week, and the kids are being exposed to different foods all the time."

(Kellie, Mitcham)

"I hate cooking. This plan has saved me in so many ways, but the best thing is that I'm putting decent meals on the table without doing too much cooking."

(Annie, SA)

"I have never been this organised with meals!  I literally print the shopping list and go.  I wish this was around when my kids were smaller!  Thank you Amelia!"

(Hannah, Sydney)

Delivered Straight To Your Inbox Every Week!
for only $9.95 per month

Here are just some of the foods we like to put together for you...
And look,
in case you don't LOVE it...

Designed to feed a family of 4 people.

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