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Trying to stick to a budget while also preparing healthy meals?

We totally get it.

We were the same.

Until we came across this


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Spend less than $250 at the supermarket


Have the family eating healthy all week!


5 Meals a Day

Done For You Shopping List

Calorie Counted

Super Simple Recipes

Easy to Cook Meals


Here's What Others Have To Say...

"I love that there are vegetarian meals included!  We are trying a new meal each week, and the kids are being exposed to different foods all the time."

(Kellie, Mitcham)

"I hate cooking. This plan has saved me in so many ways, but the best thing is that I'm putting decent meals on the table without doing too much cooking."

(Annie, SA)

"I have never been this organised with meals!  I literally print the shopping list and go.  I wish this was around when my kids were smaller!  Thank you Amelia!"

(Hannah, Sydney)

Amelia Medium Resolution-96.jpg

Hi! I’m Amelia, and I was just like you. 

A busy mum trying desperately to get healthy meals on the table while sticking to a budget.


I stressed about making food my family would eat without spending a ton of time cooking or deciding what to actually make.

I was tired of serving up the same meals, week after week, and worrying that the kids never tried anything new.


That’s why I created the Innerfit™ For Women Feed Your Family program.

A fully planned family meal plan, complete with shopping lists, meal cost analysis and easy to follow recipes. 


But the best part?


I had the same challenges as you—sticking to a budget while preparing meals each day for a family I wanted to stay healthy and happy with what they put in their bodies. 

That's why every week, the grocery shop will cost you

LESS than $250!


Every week is different, complete with 5 meals a day for each person in your home.



It all comes down to simplicity.

Simple recipes full of flavour.

Simple shopping so you don't overbuy.

Simple planning so there's no food wastage.

Each week the meals are different...

Catering for different tastes and preferences.
Here is a snapshot of some of the foods we have included before.
And look, we know there's plenty of meal plans on the market.

I bet none of them are like this though.

If you don’t love our meal plans, you can easily 

Unlike other plans that make you jump through hoops to cancel your subscription, we make it easy.
Our customer service team is always available to sort out any issues you have.

Designed to feed a family of 4 people.

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