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Everything you need to get your gut health in the best shape.


Looking after your gut is EXTREMELY important.  When your gut health is good, your body can find its natural rhythm and you are at your healthiest self.  But if it is off, it can wreak havoc on more than just your trips to the toilet.


Some side effects of poor gut health include:

  • lethargy and exhaustion
  • poor skin and hair condition
  • viruses
  • fungal infections
  • acne
  • digestive and urinary issues


Join us as we explore why gut health is important, which body systems it impacts, how to recognise the signs of poor gut health and, most importantly, what to do about it!


We literally give you the toolbox to improving your gut health without spending money on random foods and supplements.  We want you to be able to eat everyday foods, feel full and increase your energy levels, all while improving the health of your digestive system.


Included in this program is:

  • 4 weeks of delicious meal plans designed to clean your digestive system

  • Easy to follow, gut friendly recipes

  • Stacks of food so you won’t be hungry (but not enough that you should put on weight!)

  • A simple exercise plan to keep your metabolism firing, and your digestion flowing

  • Shopping lists to make it all super easy for you

  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly options

  • Calorie and macronutrient counted so you can maintain your goals

  • Pages and pages of information about gut health, including why it is important, how to tell when something isn't right, what factors are hurting your gut health, what you can do about it and which foods you should try to help improve the function of your digestive system.


Now is the time to STOP wasting money on supplements that don't work, and start giving your body good food that helps it to heal from the inside, out.

4 Week Gut Health Program

  • This program will be emailed to you after purchase as a PDF file.

  • This program is not designed as a specific weight loss program.  The calorie balances in this program sit between 1700 & 1800 calories each day.  However, many beauties who have bought this program do see a drop in body fat in the 4 weeks.

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