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Literally watch your body SHRINK in the next 2 WEEKS!


Tired of starving yourself only to see a few kilos drop off?

Got a big event coming up and just need to slim down a little bit?

Want to hit the ground running on a new weight loss journey?


We've got you covered!  


On average, people lose between 3-6KG on our 2 Week Shred.

All while eating well, increasing movement, debloating and feeling absolutely amazing!


This very simple, easy to follow 2 week shred is designed to get you fast results without feeling the burden of starvation.  We have included your favourites; cooked breakfast, peanut butter, crackers & dip and loads of fresh fruit and veg to have you feeling wonderful almost immediately!

All real food - no supplements or shakes.



  • Delicious Meal plans
  • Real and Everyday Foods
  • Walking Program
  • Shopping Lists
  • Unlimited FREE foods!


Perfect for:

  • Kickstarting weight loss
  • Increasing your physical activity
  • Getting You Organised
  • Vegetarians
  • Pre-event weightloss


What are you waiting for? 


We even give you a list of FREE FOODS so that there is no excuse to be starving hungry!




This shred is the property of Eagle Property Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as Innerfit For Women. We reserve all rights to this document and the information contained within. Copying, reproduction or sharing of this content with other people, or on social media is strictly prohibited.


This is not designed as a long term weight loss solution and is recommended for 2 weeks maximum. use. You undertake this shred program at your own risk, and Innerfit for Women is not responsible for any results, or lack thereof, while on this program. The calorie balance on this shred is between 1200 & 1300 calories in both weeks.

We strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your medical professional before starting on this shred, particularly if you have underlying health concerns.


We do not and will not make guarantees about your expected weight loss while on this, or any other, Innerfit for Women program.



2 Week Shred 2.0

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