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The Whole You

  • 26Weeks


'The Whole You' is a 12 Unit Self Care Program designed to help you take charge of your life. In each module we’ll learn about a new element of holistic wellness. Topics Include: - Understanding Your Why - Setting Yourself Up for Lifelong Success - Your Relationship With Food - Managing Stress - Hormones and Weight Loss - Society and Body Image - Connections Between Food and Mood -Connections Between Diet and Sleep - Natural Movement and Exercise - The Importance of Friendships - Building a Nourishing Self Care Plan - Enhancing Your Own Happiness By the end you’re going to be amazed. You’ll have totally transformed your health, but more importantly you’ll feel better than ever, love your life, have more energy and a happier more relaxed outlook on life. And best of all: you’ll be able to continue on this way for the rest of your life.

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